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How to show dropdown list items in multiple colors in
Description In this article I will explain how to show dropdown list items in multiple colors in   No. of Views     24973
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Author Najmul Hoda   Posted On     27 Oct 2010
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Some times we need to show items in the dropdown list in different color like example below.

 In this article I will show you how you can achieve this by adding a simple css to ListItem attribute.

To explain the article I have taken an example of employees.
I will bind dropdown list with name of employees and color the employee name depending on the name starts from. Ex.

Color                  Name Starts from
Blue                   A (“Adam”,”Anamika”,”Ainul”,”Ashish”)
Green                K (“Kamran”,”Kiran”,”Kamesh”,”Kasim”)
Red                    F (“Farhan”,”Feeroz”,”Firan”)

To have a list of items in the dropdown list we need to call a method named GetEmployeeName(), that will return list of Employee objects that contains name of the employees.


public  class Employee
        public Employee()
        public Employee(string EmpName)
            EmployeeName = EmpName;
        public string EmployeeName { get; set; }
    public static List GetEmployeeName()
List objEmployeeList = new List();
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Ashish"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Kamran"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Ashish"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Firan"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Kiran"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Kamesh"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Anamika"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Farhan"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Ainul"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Adam"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Kasim"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Feeroz"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Roshan"));
objEmployeeList.Add(new Employee("Depika"));
return objEmployeeList;

To color items in the dropdown list depending on the name of the employee we need to call a method FillDropDownList(DropDownList ddlEmployee, string ListItemColor, string NameStartsFrom)

public void FillDropDownList(DropDownList ddlEmployee, string ListItemColor, string NameStartsFrom)
        var EmployeeList = from EmpList in GetEmployeeName()
                           where EmpList.EmployeeName.StartsWith(NameStartsFrom)
                           select new {EmpName= EmpList.EmployeeName};
        ListItem lstEmployee;
        foreach (var Emp in EmployeeList)
            lstEmployee = new ListItem(Emp.EmpName);
            lstEmployee.Attributes.Add("style","color:"+ ListItemColor);


In the method FillDropDownList(), I have further called a method  GetEmployeeName() that returs a list of all employees and from that list I have filtered employees whose name starts from name specified in the variable NameStartsFrom.

After filtering the employees I have added those employees in the dropdown list and have added color specified in the variable ListItemColor. In the code you can see in the ListItem object’s arrtibute I have added style attribute and assign color to the specified color. This way we can add color to the dropdownlist item.

Enjoy Coding………..


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